We are looking for Rail Engineers to work on a contract basis at various locations in the United Kingdom.

Typical consultants we are looking for:

We are looking for professionals with the following specialisations and expertise:

Signalling & Telecoms:

Controller of Site Safety Protection, Installation Supervisor, Tester in Charge (Complex or Major), Principle Tester , Functional Tester, Signal Verification Tester Operational, Verification Tester Cables, Installation Team Leader Cable Jointer, Tester In Charge (Simple), Assistant Tester Signalling, Assistant Installer, Operative - Signalling Maintenance, Installer Signalling , Technician - Signalling Maintenance ,Telecoms Installer, Points Fitter Signalling, Signal Maintenance Tester, Team Leader - Signalling Maintenance.

Electrification & Plant (E&P):

Authorised Person OLE, Authorised Person DCCR, Nominated Person OLE, Nominated Person DCCR, Earthing Assistant, OHL Team Leader, OHL Senior Supervisor, OHL Supervisor, Operative - Conductor Rail Equipment (CRE), Operative - Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) , Senior Technical Officer - Conductor Rail Equipment (CRE), Senior Technical Officer - Overhead Line Equipment (OLE), Team Leader - Conductor Rail Equipment (CRE), Working Supervisor - Overhead Line Equipment (OLE), Team Leader - Overhead Line Equipment (OLE), Technical Officer - Conductor Rail Equipment (CRE), Technical Officer - Overhead Line Equipment (OLE), Technician - Conductor Rail Equipment (CRE), Technician - Overhead Line Equipment (OLE), Wiring Engineer (OLE), Multi Skilled Linesman LE3, High Voltage (HV), High Voltage (HV) Cable Jointer.

If you are interested in applying for a Job in Rail Engineering in the UK, please register your CV on our main website: www.icautodesign.com